Mobile Customer Ordering within your Venue

Empower your customers to order their meals directly from the table with their mobile phone

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Why Venues Love Uorda

Increase Revenue

Uorda makes it easier than ever for your customers to place and pay for their order

Improve Efficiency

Speed up the ordering process for both customer and wait staff within the venue

Unbeatable Terms

No fixed term contracts or monthly subscriptions, the most affordable terms for your venue

Why Customers Love Uorda

No Lines

Sit at your table, converse with your friends, no need to wait in line

Easy Bill Splitting

Avoid the awkward and frustrating bill splitting process at the end of the meal


Explore high quality images of your meals so you know exactly what you will be ordering

Update your Menu

Uorda’s Restaurant Manager App allows you to make live changes to your digital mobile menu.


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Receive Orders Easily

Uorda’s custom designed order receiving app allows you to easily process orders placed from customers


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Start creating your menu

Less waiting time for your customers. They pay instantly as they order.

Ordering at the table made easy for your staff and your customers.

See how it works

No need to download an app. Access the menu instantly via scanning a QR Code.

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