Mobile Takeaway & Delivery Ordering for your Venue

Uorda is supporting small local restaurants & cafes all over Australia with a powerful and user friendly mobile ordering service with the lowest commissions of only 2.5% of the transaction


Customer loyalty is now more important than ever. Let’s work together and further personalise the connection between your customers and your venue

Become a restaurant partner

Social Distancing & Mobile Ordering for Restaurants & Cafes

Increase Takeaway Orders

With the restriction on takeaway only, Uorda encourages customers to order directly from you

Delight Your Loyal Customers

Give your customers a quick and easy way to order from your venue

Social Media Sales

Add the link to your ordering platform on your website and social media profiles

Uorda Supporting Local Venues

Pick up & Takeaway

Receive & Process orders directly from your customers


Provide delivery services to your local area and avoid paying ridiculously high commissions


Let’s work together, be creative and get through these tough times as a team

No Set up Costs, No Lock in Contracts, Lowest Commissions

Uorda takes 2.5% of the transaction and the payment gateway take their 1.75% + 30 cents per transaction. That’s it.
We don’t get paid unless your customers use the platform.


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Setup your restaurant now

Uorda is Not an App!

It’s way too difficult to incentivise customers to download your very own specific app. This is why we are a web based platform that removes the friction in customer ordering.


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Start creating your menu

Cash flow for many small venues right now is a massive issue. This is why Uorda pays you daily!

Uorda makes ordering pick up or delivery for your venue easy


See how it works

No need to download an app. Access the menu instantly via scanning a QR Code or clicking on the URL to your menu

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