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Mobile Table Ordering System

Find out why Australian Hospitality venues choose Uorda for their mobile table ordering system

Uorda Mobile Ordering Menu Interface

Digital Mobile Menus

Mobile Ordering Brisbane

Uorda puts the power of ordering in the hands of your customers, it's a digital menu in their pocket. They can now order and pay with their phone whenever they are ready. 

Your customers can also browse images of your menu which will help them make more informed choices. Your staff will not have to spend as much time taking orders, freeing up their time to focus on the most important thing, your customers. 

An Interactive, Simple Mobile Ordering App for Hospitality

QR Code for Table Ordering


Guests scan the QR code
positioned on the table to load your menu

Order at Table on Phone


Your digital menu appears on their phone where they can browse high quality images of your menu items

Mobile Table Ordering Brisbane


Once your guests have decided on their order, they can pay straight through their own phone

Uorda & Santa Monica Restaurant

QR Code Table Ordering App

A system built to increase sales by 30%, optimise for labour efficiency and help you truly understand
your customer

Mobile Table Ordering - Contact us for a Free Demo for your Venue

Order at Table on Phone

An area that is becoming increasingly more popular in 2020 is mobile ordering directly from the table. All over Australia our favourite cafes, restaurants and pubs are beginning to adopt this technology to help increase their overall sales and create a better customer experience.

Some of the Legends we
work with

"I'll have a burger and add the extra bacon, add the extra coleslaw, add the extra pineapple. Oh, and I'll also order the Nachos as a starter because it looks so delicious!" 🍔🍺🌮

Customers love ordering with their eyes - show them high quality images of your menu!

Why Customers Love Uorda's
Table Ordering

No waiting in lines to place their order

Quick & easy to re order the next round

Mouth watering imagery of your menu items

Contactless, fun & interactive

Live digital menu updates

Easy bill splitting & flexible payments

Web based, no app downloads required!

What's Involved?

Brisbane Table Ordering


We'll provide you with a full demonstration of our table ordering system

Venue Analysis

Together we'll discuss how Uorda can best be implemented and optimised at your venue

Menu Set up

Send us through your existing menus and we'll create your very own Uorda digital menu


We'll organise a training session with you to guide you through the ins and out of Uorda

Go Live

Once you're ready, we'll assist you in pushing Uorda live at
your venue

Local Support

We're based in Brisbane but have team members in Sydney, Perth & Melbourne. We're both early risers & night owls too!

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