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Why Uorda was Developed


The Australian hospitality industry is currently hurting now more than ever. Covid-19 has brought about some serious problems and sadly has caused the closure of many businesses around the country.

Uorda launched in March of 2020, just before the start of the world pandemic. Before this current crisis, we were sure that our solution would benefit hospitality venues and help them increase their profits; and now – we’re more certain than ever.


The Big Idea – Mobile Table Ordering

The idea for Uorda was born when we were sitting in a restaurant and were given an iPad to order from. Instantly, the light switched on as we thought, “this venue has spent up to $20,000 on hardware for an ordering system. That just seems so unnecessary.”

From here, we looked at many solutions that involved giving the customer the ability to order via their own phone and remove the need for the tablet. We quickly discovered a QR code ordering system that was far easier than prompting customers to download an app.

After a number of months of research and development, the program was launched and production of Uorda began. This process took well over 12 months and we launched in early 2020.


Why Mobile Table Ordering Increases Revenue


The idea behind Uorda was very simple – ordering through a device is far easier and leads to an increase in average spend. It’s so much easier to tap a button or select an item on a screen then it is to verbally announce it. How many times have you said to yourself “Oh, I wish I ordered that!” Uorda allows customers to see pictures of their meals before they order too which helps in making more informed decisions.

Increasing the average spend per customer is normally a difficult task that requires extensive training of wait staff. However, with Uorda, it’s automatic and consistent at every single order.


Hospitality & The Customers


In the early stages of development, we noticed that hospitality doesn’t have a way to effectively engage with their loyal customers. Yes, they have social media and in particular Instagram; but venues don’t know if their followers have dined with them or not.

Uorda’s platform is designed to help fix this problem. It automatically captures the email addresses of your customers which allows you to build a database of which the value increases over time. You can now engage with your customers over social media and create campaigns to target customers who you know have already dined with you.


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