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Why Venues should use Table Ordering Apps

Hospitality in 2020 has had to undergo more changes that any industry in recent memory. All of the restrictions and strict compliance that venues have had to stick to has led to innovation and technology to help streamline many of the new required processes.

Now that it looks like many venues have come through to the other side of Covid-19, many of the tech solutions that have boomed throughout Covid look like they are here to stay, completely revolutionising the hospitality industry. Some of the most significant innovations that have changed the way venues operate are the table ordering platforms.

A mobile table ordering platform allows customers to order and pay for their food and drinks directly from the table on their own phone. Throughout Covid-19, a table ordering apps have helped venues comply with social distancing measures, but these systems can also help with the long-term sustainability of any venue.

Table Ordering Apps & QR Code
Web Based Platforms

There are many different types of table ordering systems out there, all with different features and benefits. However, the key factor with each platform is whether they are app based or web based. App based platforms require the customer to visit the app store on their phone, download the app and create an account to place their order. Web based systems can be accessed by a URL or scanning a QR code on the table. There are features and benefits to both but when it comes to table ordering, the method of access to the ordering platform is what counts.

Requiring customers to download an app and adding this layer of friction to the ordering process will lead to customers sticking with the tried and true method of ordering from the counter or requiring table service. With any table ordering system, it’s important customers can access it instantly and that the checkout process is quick and easy. In 2020, it seems like QR codes are everywhere and customers have become much more familiar with how they work. This is why a QR Code Ordering System is far more effective; because there are no app downloads required and customers can access it far more quickly, with less friction involved.

The Benefits of Mobile Table Ordering
Apps for Customers

Easy Bill Splitting

When customers are able to order and pay on their own phone, the payment process is simplified. There’s nothing worse at the end of the night with a group of 8 people and you’re everyone together trying to work out how to pay the bill. All payments are made at the time of ordering as well, meaning once your customers have eaten, they are free to leave at their own leisure which avoids the long delays at the end when paying the bill.

No need to leave the table

As customers, we all go out to socialise and spend time with our friends and family. We would all much prefer to be doing this then waiting in line at the counter or at the bar to order drinks. The ability to sit back and relax at the table whilst ordering creates far more convenience for customers and improves their experience as they can socialise more, rather than waiting in line.

High quality images of menu items

We are all visual and nothing creates desire more than seeing a high-quality image of the menu item we’re about to order. Showing high quality images of all your menu items to customers helps them make their decision on what to order faster and leads to more menu items ordered.

The Benefits of Mobile Table Ordering
Apps for Venues

Table ordering increases revenue

The average order size from your customers when they order via a table ordering platform is increased from anywhere between 20% – 40% depending on your menu. This is because you are able to consistently upsell on every single order that is placed. Offer suggestions, add ons or create more desire with high quality images of your menu so that customers can’t go without ordering that extra item. The frequency of customer orders, particularly at pubs and bars offering alcohol is increased as the friction involved in ordering is reduced.

Reduced labour & mistaken orders

When you set up your table ordering platform to connect to your Point of Sale Printer system, now your customers are connected directly to the kitchen. This means you no longer have to spend money on the labour of taking and processing orders, resulting in significant savings in labour. Some venues are able to save up to $100,000 a year in labour costs, depending on your current operations process.

As orders are sent directly to the kitchen, bar or barista – the margin for error has been decreased. Issues with staff entering the wrong order into your POS system are now gone as all orders are printed directly. Uorda’s order flow management system helps with exactly this problem and streamlines the operations process, resulting in fewer labour costs and mistaken orders.

Digital menu flexibility

As your menu is now digital you can make live updates or schedule menu items in advance. Uorda’s Restaurant Manager allows you to set schedules in advance or change your menu on the fly, creating far more flexibility than what a paper menu ever could. Wanting to sell more of a specific menu item? A digital mobile menu empowers you with the flexibility to position that item at the very top so that customers will see it first.

Reduced congestion at the bar & lost orders

The wait time in line is one of the most frustrating components of the hospitality experience for customers. Even if not all your customers are using a table ordering system and for the ones that aren’t, they can be served faster at the bar because the line has been reduced. At many venues, long wait times can lead to lost orders as customers move on to the next bar or pub. With Uorda, you can reduce the lines and congestion at the bar resulting in an increase in orders, leading to more revenue for your venue.

Speeds up table turnover

Customers are able to order via a table ordering app straight away as they sit down, rather than having to wait for table service or wait in line. This will speed up the ordering process and for venues that rely on high table turnover, you can seat more customers in a day by using a table ordering app or QR Code Ordering App

Targeted digital marketing for hospitality

For years, the retail industry has been collecting data for all their online marketing efforts, resulting in an increase in online shopping and targeted advertising towards customers who are ready to take action and buy. Hospitality has been slower to adapt to the data driven world but now, this revolution is taking place in the hospitality industry.

A digital table ordering platform helps you collect the data and purchase behaviour of your customers allowing you to make more informed decisions when it comes to marketing and menu placements. With Uorda, every single time a customer orders with you, you are building a database for all your online digital marketing efforts.

Technology in Hospitality

Choosing the best mobile table ordering system for your venue is an important decision so make sure that you look at all the features and benefits of the platform before deciding. Make sure that the system you choose can help you save on labour and will lead to an increase in revenue. A QR Code ordering system is always the best way to go as it involves less friction in access to the platform from your customers.

Table Ordering Apps are here to stay in hospitality meaning the customer experience is only going to be enhanced and for venues, you can now work towards building a far more sustainable business model for the long term.

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