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Why Ordering at the Counter can Result in Fewer Sales


All Restaurants, Cafes & Pubs have different operational processes and there are pros and cons to all systems.

However, some systems and operational processes can be enhanced dramatically and made far more efficient by the help of technology.


Customers Ordering from the Counter

Many casual restaurants and cafes choose this process for their customers to line up at the counter, grab a table number and place their orders from here.

It’s cost effective and doesn’t require the same number of staff out on the floor providing table service which creates a massive difference in labour costs. However, there is an extra level of friction involved in this process from the customer’s point of view which can have a negative impact on overall sales.


Why Ordering at the Counter can decrease sales

The act of having to leave the table to place another order is an extra level of friction that creates a barrier to customers placing more orders. There’s many scenarios that can make this a difficult problem such as:

  • Sitting in the cafe with a laptop and having to pack up your things to wait in line to order
  • Having a pram with young children and it being a significant effort to pack up to line up and reorder
  • Looking at the line itself and it being too long that you cannot be bothered waiting that long away from your table
  • Not wanting to miss out on the conversation going on at the table

All of these situations can lead to a decrease in overall sales in an order from the counter environment.


How to make it easier for Customers to place their Orders

Uorda’s Order at the table platform allows your customers to place and pay for their orders directly on their phone without having to leave the table. All they need to do is scan a QR code positioned on the table with the camera app on their phone and this will launch your digital menu.

Uorda removes the above levels of friction involved in the ordering process. It’s convenient for your customers, provides a better experience and leads to an overall increase in sales.

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