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Why use a Web Based Mobile Ordering System over an App?


Hospitality is turning digital more and more every single year and there are countless platforms offering mobile ordering services.

There are so many options out there that it can be difficult to know what to choose! We’re going to cover the major points of difference between app based platforms and web-app platforms.

Mobile Ordering Apps

Most of us have used an app in the past to order food from our favourite restaurant or cafe. Some of the biggest examples are UberEats, Deliveroo and Menulog who have a library of thousands of venues to order from.

These apps are convenient for customers because it gives them a wide variety of options to choose from which is why these apps are successful.

However, many venues do or considering building their own individual app for their restaurant or cafe. In an ideal world, we as a restaurant or cafe owner would have our app in the phones of as many customers as possible. But, in reality, it doesn’t work this way. It’s extremely difficult to market our app to customers which can lead to extremely high marketing costs. It’s also nearly impossible to maintain that app in the customers’ phone as they will delete it if it isn’t used consistently a few times a week.


The Advantage of Web Apps

A web app has all the benefits of looking and feeling like an app in terms of the interface combined with the benefit of being easy to access. With any online mobile ordering platform, its success is determined by how easy it is to access for your customers. A web app can be accessed by clicking/tapping the link or by scanning a QR code.


Web Apps and Mobile Table Ordering

If you are wanting to have a mobile table ordering service within your restaurant or cafe it’s imperative that you choose a web app platform. When customers sit down to eat, it’s nearly impossible to have them download an app and place their orders; there’s just way too much friction involved in this.

This is why we are seeing the the rise of QR code based ordering platforms that are simply accessed by the customer scanning the code with the camera app on their phone. A web app platform also means your customers can order directly from your website or social media profiles via the URL of the digital menu. If you are wanting to increase your online sales or provide a mobile table ordering service, a web-app based platform is the way to go and will bring you far more success!

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