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Mobile Table Ordering Systems for Restaurants & Cafes


It seems like every day there is a new change brought into the hospitality industry and venues are constantly trying to adapt to exceed their customer’s expectations via new technology.

From new booking systems to ordering apps, it can all be quite overwhelming in knowing what to choose and how to implement this new technology. New platforms arising are all built to try and create a greater and more efficient way of doing things and that is what we at Uorda have worked on with our mobile ordering platform.

An area that is becoming increasingly more popular in 2020 is mobile ordering directly from the table. All over Australia our favourite cafes, restaurants and pubs are beginning to adopt this technology to help increase their overall sales and create a better customer experience.

Uorda have developed an order from the table platform that was built to solve a problem that has been around in hospitality now since service began; consistent upselling at every order. Very often, wait staff are absolutely flat out and time poor running between tables, to the kitchen and back to tables to deliver meals. Your staff work incredibly hard but most often, you miss out on the potential for upselling on orders due to the constraints for time on your wait staff.

Providing customers with the ability to order by themselves on their own phone means that you won’t miss out on the potential sales you could have made. The power is put back in the customer’s hands with an on demand ordering service.

The device will up-sell on every single order on your behalf. You’ll easily see at least a 20% increase in overall sales due to the ease of customers selecting and adding the extra sides to their meals. The reason a mobile ordering platform sells for you is because it’s so easy for your customers to add extras. 

Customers love looking at photos of their meals before they’re able to place their orders. You will be able to encourage customers to order extras based on the high quality of the images you display of your menu items.

How frustrating is the bill splitting process at the end of the meal? With an order from the table mobile service, all payments are made at the time of ordering and bills are automatically split. You’ll never have to worry about this inefficient and frustrating problem again.

If you would like to learn more about Uorda’s Order at Table service, visit Mobile Table Ordering


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