Why Implement Mobile Ordering?

Order Flow Management System

Autonomously control the flow of customer orders to ensure the kitchen isn't overwhelmed with dockets.

QR Code Table Ordering

How it Works

Automate your Operations Process and Take Greater Control of your Table Orders

Automatic Printing

Set timed order batching windows designed to group table orders together on the docket, simplified for your kitchen

Brisbane Table Ordering

Manual Printing

Take greater control of the flow and determine which tables' orders are ready to be sent to the kitchen / bar / barista

Mobile Table Ordering

Network Connect

Assign specific menu items and categories to their relevant printers to create a smooth operations process

Take Control of your Digital Menu

Real Time

Make Live changes to your digital menu and instantly push out new updates to your customers

Menu Scheduling

Schedule daily specials or promotions in advance and promote these to your customers

Sold Out Items

Mark items as sold out instantly from your Restaurant Manager to avoid customer disatisfaction

Personal Branding

Personalise your menu with your own photos, logos, venue description and cover photo to tell your story

Custom Surcharges & Pricing

Create your own custom public holiday surcharges, pass fees on or make instant pricing updates with your flexible digital menu

Bar Pacino Table Ordering
QR Code Table Ordering System

Connect with your customers on a whole new level

Greater Customer Focus

Free up time for your wait staff so they can be a better host, focusing on the most important thing, your customers and their experience.

Know Your Customers

Collect the data and purchase behaviour of your customers so that you can tailor specials and promotions to the right people #hospogoingdigital

Targeted Marketing

Launching a new menu or hosting an event? Use the data you have collected to let all your loyal customers know what's happening!

For years, the retail industry has been working on building customer databases to increase conversion and store visits. Now, it's time for hospitality to do the same. Build your database, truly know and understand your customer and increase return visits to build loyalty and create further engagement.

Reporting & Flexible Payments

Live Reporting Tools

See what's selling by the hour, day and week and analyse these trends to optimise your digital menu

Complete Customisation

Mobile ordering allows you to rearrange your menu items and adjust their placement to help maximise your sales

Flexible Online Payments

Customers pay via their card, Apple Pay or Google Pay. Receive payments daily, helping with cash flow for your venue

manage your restaurant digital menu
QR Code Guest Check in System

Covid-19 Compliant

Covid Guest Register Included

Sick of multiple QR codes or having customers hand write their information on paper? Uorda's Guest Register allows customer to enter their contact information privately as well as ordering via the same platform

Completely Contactless

Your customers won't have to touch physical menus, approach the counter to make payments or handwrite their details using a pen and paper

A Safer Environment

Uorda helps you create a much more comfortable and safe environment for your customers allowing you to operate as efficiently as possible

Details Safely Stored

All details are safely secured within your Restaurant Manager should you need to access them within the hour from an audit

The Bottom Line

How digital menus and QR code ordering helps venues run more profitably

Table Ordering Benefits

Consistent Up-sell

Mobile ordering allows you to prompt customers to add extras to their order consistently, every single time!

Table Ordering Benefits

Increase Orders

Mobile table ordering reduces the friction involved with customers placing their orders.
Reduced friction = more orders

Optimised Labour

Reallocate your staff to the most important tasks within your venue and let the tech handle the ordering & operations process

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