Uorda is committed to providing you with the highest levels of customer service and protecting your privacy. We are bound by the privacy act 1988 which sets out a number of principles concerning the protection of your personal information knows as The Australian Privacy principles.

This policy sets out the information we collect, how we use it and who we may share it with. It can be amended from time to time and a current version will always be available at uorda.com 

Personal information we collect for customers?

The personal information we collect is limited to your email address or first and last name if you have decided to complete a pick up order. We will also record the amount of transactions that you have processed through our platform.

How do we collect personal information?

We will only collect your personal information if you have chosen to use our platform and enter your personal details yourself.

How do we use your personal information?

Your personal information will be used to:

  • Provide our services
  • Send you receipts
  • Promote or market services and products to you
  • Help us maintain and develop our business infrastructure
  • Perform research and analysis to improving our services

When do we disclose your personal information?

We may disclose your personal information to other organisations, but we’ll only do this in relation to us providing our services to you or as otherwise set out in this policy. We take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of your personal information and to protect it from unauthorised disclosures.

About Uorda

When you visit our application or websites, our web servers record anonymous information such as the time, date, device and URL of the request. This information assists us to improve the structure of our websites and monitor their performance. Sometimes we also use third parties to analyse this information.

We may use ‘cookies’ or an equivalent on various websites and applications. A cookie is a small text file that our websites and applications use to store information on your browser or device. Usually, cookies are used so our websites and applications can remember your preferences and improve your online experience. We also use cookies for profiling purposes to tailor our marketing to users’ interests.

Sometimes cookies may collect and store personal information about you. We treat this information in the same way as any other personal information you provide. You can adjust your internet browser to disable cookies or to warn you when cookies are being used. However, if you disable cookies, you may not be able to access certain areas or experience the added features offered with the enablement of cookies.

We also collect and manage Internet Protocol (IP) addresses and device identifiers – the unique identifiers on your computer or device. It’s used for the purpose of providing internet session management and to detect any misuse or fraudulent activities involving our application and websites.

Uorda may use third parties to analyse usage statistics. Such analysis is performed using data collected from our websites and applications. This helps us to personalise and tailor our services to you.

Uorda may disclose your personal information to social media platforms, such as Facebook, in order to serve you and others like you, targeted advertising on these platforms. If you wish to opt out of this advertising, please contact accounts@uorda.com. Uorda may also include digital advertising on its application or websites. To make this advertising more relevant to you, we may collect and use information about visits to our site and to other sites made using your computer or device.

Access to your personal information and complaints

We take the protection of your privacy very seriously. So if you have any concerns, or you think your personal information is inaccurate or has been handled in a way that doesn’t comply with the Australian Privacy Principles, please send an e-mail to accounts@uorda.com and we’ll investigate and respond in writing within 30 days of receiving your complaint.