Order @ Table
Contactless & Convenient
What is QR Code Table Ordering?

Uorda’s Order at the Table Service allows your customers to order and pay for their meals directly from the table.

It helps you capture more orders, increase your average spend per head by 20% – 40%

and quite simply, make things run more efficiently.

Consistent Upselling

Many venues struggle with increasing the average spend of their customers. With Order at Table, leave it to Uorda to do this for you

Not an App!

Uorda’s Mobile Ordering platform is non app based meaning it’s far easier for your customers to access your digital menu

Decrease Labour Costs

Put the power of ordering in your customer’s hands and leave the wait staff to focus on what’s most important, the customer experience

Connect With Your Customers

For every single customer that orders via Uorda, you are building a database for future marketing and insight.

This problem was solved over 10 years ago in retail and it is about time hospitality turns digital. At present, there’s no way to know who your customers are and how they interact with your venue. Uorda bridges the gap between you and your loyal customers

Post Covid-19 & Social Distancing

Order at Table is built for when life resumes back to normal and we can all go out to our favourite venues to eat again.

Uorda’s in venue Order at Table service empowers customers to order their meals directly from the table on their own phones. It works by your customers simply scanning a QR code positioned on the table, loading your digital menu and placing & paying for their order straight through their phone.

As venues begin to reopen, an in venue mobile ordering service will prevent your customers from having to handle physical paper menus. It aligns with Social Distancing measures and allows your customers to make contactless payments straight from their table

A Better Customer Experience

Showcase your beautiful menu with high quality images of your menu items for customers to enjoy when choosing their meal.

No longer do your customers have to leave the table and spend time waiting in line. Now, they can spend more time socialising with an easier way to order.

Boost Efficiency within your Venue

Remove the constant back and forth between the kitchen and customer as orders are now sent directly to your POS and kitchen.

Increase table turnover and decrease labour costs across the entire venue as you reduce the friction involved in the ordering process.

Why use Order @ Table?

Social Distancing

Order at Table ensures you remain compliant with the Government’s restrictions on social interaction

Happier Customers

Your customers can sit back, relax and enjoy their time within your venue

Easy Bill Splitting

Avoid the lengthy and sometimes awkward bill splitting process at the end of the meal

Increase Sales

Increase the overall average spend of your customers between 20% – 40%.
Huge, we know right!

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