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Oder and Pay at the Table

How Mobile Ordering Creates a Better Customer Experience

The customer experience at your venue is the most important factor in determining whether or not you will build a loyal base of repeat customers.

However, there are countless ways that the customer experience can be negatively impacted which a mobile table ordering system can help fix.

Limitations of Table Service or Ordering at the Counter

One of the most frustrating things that occurs when dining out to eat is wanting the attention of staff and not being able to get it. It’s also understandable, your staff are flat out running between customers, carrying plates, taking orders and trying to deliver the best possible experience.

This can be difficult and sometimes it doesn’t always work out leading to unhappy customers. Sometimes you will have frustrated customers who have had to wait too long to place and order or make a change to their order.

The same can be said for waiting in line at the counter. No one enjoys queueing up and if it’s possible to remove this you will almost certainly have happier customers. None of this is to mention the potential lost sales suffered as a result of the friction involved in waiting in line or being unable to gain your staff’s attention.

How Uorda can help Enhance the Customer Experience?

Uorda puts the power of ordering in the hands of the customer meaning they can order exactly when they want. If they have a quick impulse to order something again, they can do it without having to wait in line.

Your customers can also browse high quality images of your menu meaning they can make more informed choices. Your staff will not have to spend as much time taking orders meaning you’re freeing up their time to now focus on the most important thing, your customers.

An in-venue table ordering system is exactly the sort of platform that can solve so many problems when it comes to the customer experience.

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