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Misconceptions about Mobile Table Ordering Systems

Adapting to a new ordering system can certainly be stressful and scary at first. It can require retraining of staff and a different way of thinking the way things have always worked. However, once you have installed a mobile order from the table system, you’ll wonder how you ever operated without it.

That being said, at first there are often some concerns about how it’s implemented:

Less Interaction with Customers

At Uorda, we believe the customer interaction is always the most important factor in building and maintaining a loyal base of fans for your cafe, restaurant or pub. With a mobile ordering service, we believe you can increase the interaction with your customers as your staff now don’t have to take the orders. Very often, staff are too busy running backwards and forth between customers that they don’t have time to interact with your patrons as much as you would like.

We firmly believe that you can build even more loyal customers with a mobile ordering service. That extra time to your staff have to ask that extra question about your customer’s day can make all the difference in the world.


Reduce Social Interaction

People are always on their phones, regardless of whether it’s for an ordering platform or not. They like to use platforms like Instagram and very often are looking at your photos on their phones when deciding what to eat. Uorda helps customer’s make decisions together when dining within your venue.


The Flow of Orders

Customers don’t all walk in at the exact same time and order at the exact same time. It’s always a staggered process in the way the flow of orders run from customer to kitchen. You as a venue, always have control in how fast orders are provided to the kitchen. If you’re overwhelmed with orders, you can simply delay the time until the kitchen is able to prepare meals whilst informing your customers. 

Communication is everything too. If you’re busy, it’s important to let your customers to know this to set their expectations. Uorda also provides your customers with an expected wait time for their meal to arrive to help you with setting expectations. 

If you would like to learn more about Uorda’s Order at Table service, visit Mobile Table Ordering


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