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How to make food sales via
Social Media

Facebook & Instagram are both fantastic ways to capture customer orders from your restaurant or cafe.

Particularly throughout Covid-19, it has been extremely important and effective for restaurants to post attractive content with a call to action on their social media profiles.

The Importance of a Social Media Presence for your Restaurant or Cafe

Facebook & Instagram both provide venues with a great way to communicate with their loyal customers 24/7. As a restaurant or cafe, you can display high quality content of all your menu items which will almost certainly leads to customers wishing to order from you.

Many people before deciding where they would like to go out to eat will browse through your Instagram page before to choose their meal in advance.

Your online presence is extremely important and this has become more apparent throughout Covid-19. The venues who are constantly engaging with their customers and have a loyal following are the ones who have performed best during the tight restrictions period.

How to Capture Sales via Social Media

As many venues over the last few months have been restricted to takeaway and delivery only, it has been important to find ways to capture more orders online. If you have a high volume of traffic visiting your social media profiles and website, it's important to give customers an easy to follow call to action where they can order from you.

As shown in the example above, St Coco Cafe have given their customers a way to order takeaway from their cafe directly from their Instagram bio. Their customers can view their content, watch story posts and when visiting their profile; can take action by clicking the link straight to the digital menu.

The link takes them directly to their ordering website powered by Uorda and allows customers to take instant action. This is one example on Instagram but it's incredibly important for any restaurant or cafe that you give your customers this ability to order from you, particularly throughout these times with tight restrictions in place.

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