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Increase your Sales with a Table Ordering System


Providing your customers with the ability to order directly from the table with their mobile phone can lead to a huge increase in sales between 20% to 40%.

Mobile Table Ordering

Customers love convenience, it’s why we’ve seen the likes of Uber Eats and Deliveroo become some of the biggest companies in the world over the last five years. We’re all impatient and live in a world where we crave instant gratification, we want things now!

When we go out to eat and sit in a restaurant, cafe or a pub we are always of the same mindset where we want things instantly. However, often we’re met with different levels of friction which can prevent us from getting what we want instantly.

Depending on the ordering process at the venue, generally we’ll have to leave our table to place an order, resulting in waiting in line or requiring a member of staff to take our order with table service.

However, sometimes the lines are too long and the staff are so busy, that we end up not placing that extra order. In this scenario, the venue misses out on those extra sales opportunities.


Reduces Friction


There is a level of friction involved in the current ordering process at most venues. Having to wait in line or gaining the attention of staff are both factors which can influence whether new orders are placed.

However, if the customer is put in control of when and how they order, due to the demands of instant gratification they will place more orders resulting in more sales and an increase in revenue.

A mobile ordering at table platform can help a venue achieve exactly this.


Prompts Add ons & Sides

Another area which is often neglected in many venues is upselling. If you have 1000 – 2000 customers at your venue every single week, imagine the difference in your revenue if you could increase it by $3 on average per customer.

A mobile ordering platform provides suggestions and add ons for every single menu item, meaning you are consistently upselling on every single order that is placed.

Making it easier for your customers to order by removing the friction and upselling them on every single order that is placed are both two easy ways to dramatically increase your businesses’ sales.


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