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How Uorda Works

Uorda is a three in one platform that connects customers directly to the kitchen. It works by customers using the camera app on their phone to scan a QR code and launch your digital menu via our web app platform. A customer can place and pay for their order directly on their phone and send the order straight to your venue’s order receiving app.

As a venue, you will receive the order on your app and can choose to accept or decline the order. If you do not have POS integration set up, you can view the order on the app and key it into your own POS system. From here, everything works the same way when it comes to delivering the order to your customers.

Uorda serves to create greater efficiency in the ordering process for both venues and customers.

How do Customers Place their Orders?

A customer can place their order via the mobile menu web app that is launched by scanning the venue’s QR code or by visiting the correct URL. They will be required to select their order and enter their payment details before placing their order with the venue.

How do Customers Access the Digital Menu?

A customer can access your menu by scanning a QR code or visiting the correct URL.

How do I Sign my Venue up to Uorda?

Signing up to Uorda is incredibly easy and can be done by clicking the “Join Uorda” link on our website. From here, you will need to enter a few personal details, follow the prompts before you are then taken to your restaurant manager. From here, you will receive the set-up instructions by email.

What is the set up process at Uorda?

1.   Sign up at uorda.com

2.   Create your account, upload logos and branding

3.   Create your menu

4.   Request your number of QR Codes

5.   Receive your onboarding and set up instructions from Uorda

6.   Installation & Printer set up

7.   Confirmation of staff training and awareness

8.   You’re ready to go!

How do I create my digital menu?

You can create your menu on the Restaurant Manager. Start by creating your different menu categories; “breakfast menu” for example. Within the menu categories you can add individual menu items and attach specific item lists to it.

How to change menu item prices?

Within the restaurant manager, select an individual menu item you will be able to enter any price you wish.

How do customise my venue's profile?

Within the restaurant manager, select the “your business” tab and you will be able to upload your logo, cover photo and write your own bio.

How do I upload photos for menu items?

You can drag the photo from a folder on your computer or click “browse” and search within the particular folder on your computer when you have selected the menu item you would like to upload it to.

What are Item Lists?

Item lists are the “add ons” or “sides” that customers can order with their main meal. As a venue, you can create specific add ons for menu items.

How to Request More Table Stickers or Cards?

On your restaurant manager you can select the “table stickers” tab and make a request for a specific amount of stickers / cards.

Does a customer need an account to order?

No, a customer does not have to create an account and can checkout as a guest. However, if they would like to receive a receipt by email, they must enter in their email address.

How do the menus display?

The menus will be displayed dependent upon the order in which they are created via the Restaurant Manager.

Tablet Not Receiving Orders?

Please either scan the support QR code and lodge a ticket with us or email support@uorda.com to let us know straight away.

How do I accept an order?

If an order is sent to you and you would like to accept it you can click “accept order” via the order receiving app.

How do I reject an order?

If an order is sent to you and you would like to reject it you can click “decline order” via the order receiving app.

Providing Customers an Estimated Wait Time

If you would like to give your customers an estimated wait time you can send them a time via the order receiving app after accepting the order.

Having Issues?

Please either scan the support QR code and lodge a ticket with us or email support@uorda.com to let us know straight away.

How to turn Uorda off at the end of the day?

On the order receiving app, you can turn the kitchen off in the top right corner of the app.

Having a Payment Issue?

Please either scan the support QR code and lodge a ticket with us or email support@uorda.com whilst quoting the specific transaction.

Customer Requires a Refund?

Please arrange this with the customer directly and contact Uorda about the transaction fee that has been taken.

What if I can't fulfil an order?

Please communicate this directly with the customer and make the necessary changes via your restaurant manager to remove those particular menu items. Contact support@uorda.com to let us know.

How do I view my reports?

You can view your daily reports either on your order receiving app or restaurant manager.

How do I view previous transactions?

On the reporting tool you can select specific dates and scroll through the orders to find the specific transaction.

How do Payments work?

Payments are split at the time of transaction when a customer places their order. As a venue, the time it takes to enter your account depends on your bank.

How does a customer receive a receipt?

When you checkout you will be prompted to enter in your email address to receive the receipt straight to your email.

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