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Making it Easier for Customers to Place Orders at your Venue

We’ve all been in that situation where we are ready to order, we’re hungry and we want to be served right this minute! However, we look up and see a long line at the counter or wait staff frantically running between customers we and know it’s going to be a long time until we are served.

The level of friction involved in the ordering process can determine the volume of orders that are placed at your restaurant or cafe.

Order at the Counter or Table Service

Most venues have a very specific way of customer ordering – it’s either table service or customers will line up and order at the counter. Both of these have their advantages and disadvantages and it’s really up to the nature of the venue itself, staffing capabilities and many other factors which determine which method is right for you.

However, both of these methods have a level of friction within them that can prevent customers from placing orders that they otherwise would have if it was easier to do so. We’ve all been a customer before and have had to wait in a long line, leaving the conversation at the table so we can place our order. It’s frustrating and time consuming. If the line is too long, your venue may miss out on that extra order, simply because of this level of friction.

The same can be said for table service. If the wait staff are too busy running backwards and forwards between customers, they may miss you and the small window of time to capture that extra order may be gone.


How to Increase Orders?

So how do we fix this problem? The best solution is to empower customers so that they can seek the instant gratification and order when they want and how they want. If your venue provides a solution for your customers where they can order what they desire as soon as they desire it, you’re removing the current level of friction involved in the ordering process which will result in an increase in orders.

It’s really simple, decrease the level of friction in the ordering process and your customers will order more often and with a higher average transaction value. 


Mobile Customer Ordering

Uorda’s Mobile Ordering Service empowers customers with this ability. Using table stickers or table cards, you can place a QR code ordering system on the tables and allow customers to place and pay for their order directly on the table. It cuts out all of the friction involved in the ordering process and creates a greater customer experience.

Uorda in a non-app based platform which again, removes the friction involved in having a customer visit the app store to download an app. It has to be quick and easy for your customers, otherwise they’ll be facing the same problem, frustration with the length of time it takes to order.


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