Customer Data Hub

End to End Managed Service

Capture Customer Data via Table Ordering

Through QR Code table ordering, build your database, email / contacts lists and customer purchase history

Analyse Customer Purchase Behaviour

View historical customer data within Uorda's venue manager portal and view purchase trends

Create Effective Digital Campaigns

Using your customer database, send out promotions and event details to attract more customers

SMS Marketing


Connect with your customers on a whole new level through SMS marketing and personalise your messages towards your specific customer demographics

High Conversions

The average open rate of text messages is 99% with 97% of messages read within the first 15 minutes. SMS Marketing is a fantastic way to inform your loyal customers about exciting venue updates!

SMS Marketing & QR Code Table Ordering
Email Marketing & QR Code Table Ordering

Email Marketing

Mass Marketing Integrations

We help create your marketing platform through Mailchimp and set up automatic triggers for your desired campaign

Template Design

Create engaging and content driven email templates designed to deliver your message to customers and create high conversion rates

Creating an Effective Campaign

Campaign Strategy

Database Management

Template Creation

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Uorda | 5

Advanced Automation

SMS & Email Marketing Plan

Uorda is an incredibly powerful tool to help you collect and build an enormous database of your customers and with the right marketing campaign, you’ll scale up quickly!

SMS & Email Marketing Set up


*Once Off, Upfront

Includes Account Set up, Campaign Strategy, & Content Creation

Complete Managed Service


*Monthly Subscription

Upfront Plan + Database Management, New Campaigns & End to End Marketing

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