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The Benefits of Mobile Table Ordering

2020 has seen the demand of in-venue mobile ordering services that empower the customer to order their food and drink directly from the table on their phone. In line with this, we at Uorda have developed an order at table platform that is user friendly for your customers working on QR code technology.


So what is so great about a mobile order at table service?


Increase the Average Sale


Uorda’s Order at Table service prompts your customers to add extras to their meals. When it’s as simple as tapping an image to add extra sides, it’s more likely to happen. Combine this with displaying high quality images of your meals and it’s inevitable that your customers will want to spend more. The slightest increase in the average spend across the volume of customers that dine with you every week will make a massive difference to your overall revenue.


Enhance the Customer Experience


Customers ordering by themselves on their own phone puts them in greater control. Many of us in today’s world all like to check out a cafe or restaurant’s Instagram to see photos of their meals. Now, with Uorda your customers can see photos of your meals at the time of ordering. 


Reduce the Need to Wait in Line


We all have had that terrible experience of having to wait in line whilst our friends are all socialising at the table. Or, have you ever tried to waive down a wait staff member only to not be able to gain their attention. It sucks right? With Uorda, you can spend more time socialising with your friends rather than having to leave the table and wait in line. The customer is in control of when they order creating a better experience.



Free up Time for your Wait Staff


Your staff are working very hard constantly running between tables and taking meals from the kitchen to deliver to your customers. Taking orders on top of this puts them under more strain and can sometimes lead to a worse off experience for your customers due to the stress your staff are under. Putting the customer in control with a mobile ordering platform means your staff now have more time to focus on the customer to help them have a better time within your restaurant or cafe.


If you would like to learn more about Uorda’s Order at Table service, visit Order @ Table

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