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Covid-19 Tips for Restaurants & Cafes

Covid-19 has had a dramatic effect on the hospitality industry and caused much heartache and pain for business owners and employees all around the world. After we get through this tough time, many industries are going to see permanent changes that beforehand, may never have been considered.


The hospitality industry is certainly going through some of these changes right now and venues all over Australia are looking at different ways to make customers feel more comfortable within their business.



Changes to the Hospitality Industry




Due to the coronavirus, personal hygiene and awareness about this issue has soared to a level we have never seen before. Customers will now be much more sensitive to this as venues begin to reopen and welcome guests to dine in at their restaurant or cafe. It is therefore incredibly important, particularly as hospitality moves into stage 1 and stage 2 of easing restrictions that your guests are assured of the high standards your venue is taking to maintain a high level of hygiene and cleanliness through the restaurant or cafe.



Contactless Ordering for Restaurants and Cafes


Contactless payments are a must for all industries at the moment which is leading to a decline in the handling of cash. It’s important that your business has an offering for customers that allows them to place contactless orders and pay via their own phone. Uorda’s Order@Table service empowers customers to place and pay for their orders directly from the table. 


With a contactless order at table platform, your customers don’t have to wait in line and get too close to other customers or your wait staff. Moving into stage 1 and stage 2, this solution will be very important in making your restaurant or cafe Covid-Safe.


The Rise of Pick up / Takeaway Services


Covid-19 has seen many restaurants and cafes offer up their services for takeaway only. It has caused a shift in customer behaviour and the way venues operate. It is very likely that this change could be here to stay for quite a long time as customer’s have enjoyed the convenience of ordering ahead and picking up their meals to save time.


Uorda’s online ordering platform allows restaurants and cafes to receive online orders via their website or social media profiles. We’ve personally seen many venues receive orders directly through their Instagram and Facebook pages as they’re a fantastic place to market directly to customers. 



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