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Building a Customer Database for your Restaurant or Cafe

The hospitality industry is becoming more digitalised everyday through new apps, technologies and online platforms.


However, one area that hasn’t been perfected yet is building a database of customers to increase loyalty and simplicity of targeted marketing.



Why Build a Customer Database?


Imagine if you had the email addresses of 25,000 of your customers who had all dined in at your restaurant or cafe before? It would give you so many different options in terms of marketing and advertising your venue to people who already know who you are.


It’s 5x more difficult to attract a brand new customer than it is to attract a return customer. Therefore with any marketing, your best efforts should be spent on people who have already dined with you.


But what is the best way to build a database? The retail industry has done it for years, it’s at the point of sale.



How Uorda helps you build a customer database?


Our ordering platform gives you exactly this ability, to build a database of your customers when they order. Whether it’s a pick up, order at table or delivery order, you will collect the information of your customers and store it within your Uorda Restaurant Manager.


The value of this database increases over time as the numbers continue to add up.


How you can use your Customer Database?


If you’re about to launch a new menu, or have a special event on, or need to promote anything to do with your venue; you will have a targeted list of people that you can market to.


You can use as many platforms as you like such as email marketing, Facebook and Instagram advertising or potentially a text message campaign. The beauty of collecting data is that with Facebook advertising, the metrics are so incredibly in-depth that you can easily your existing database to attract new customers as well.



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