The Key to Helping Venues Increase Profits & Create a Long Term Sustainable Business Model 😍

Why we Built Uorda

Problems we found in Hospitality

Stress & Chaos

Wait staff, chefs and managers working at a millions miles an hour, stressed out trying to deliver the best service for their guests

Thin Margins

Factoring in all the operations costs, costs of goods sold & staff wages, it's difficult to build a sustainable model

Customer Experience

Constant delays and frustration felt by guests when wishing to either order their meal and or pay at the end

Lack of Personal Touch

Customers come and go every day, but do venues really know their customers? We aim to create further customer loyalty at your venue

As Featured In

We believe there is a bright future ahead and we'd love to be your partner in building a sustainable, long term model for your business

Our Vision for the Future of Hospitality

Better Connected

A world where venues can truly understand their customer purchase behaviour and personalise their experience

Ultimate Customer Experience

A change in focus where staff are now a host to your guests that are 100% customer centric, letting Uorda take care of your restaurant table ordering system

More Profits for Everyone!

A restaurant table ordering system driven to increase sales, excite your customers and enhance your operations process

Long Term Sustainability

A future where venue owners are less stressed, absorb fewer operational costs and ultimately run incredibly successful venues

Get in Touch 😊

We're Brisbane based but are rapidly growing our team all over Australia. Our mobile table ordering app can also be used for pick up & delivery