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9 Ways Uorda will improve your dating life

Brisbane born, contactless ordering system – Uorda, has gifted us early with a clever new platform to quieten our pre-Christmas, first date nerves. With a year fraught with impeding Government announcements dictating the course of our social lives, the mobile ordering system has proved a most amenable vehicle to ensure restaurants are alive, flourishing and forever complying with social distancing measures.

Whether its breakfast, brunch, or beer o’clock, Uorda is the knight in shining armour to relieve you from date night cooking at home. With the simple scan or a QR code, we’re stunned with an entire menu to choose from, order and pay from in one single platform, allowing for the fluency and flow a first date can only hope for.

With the silly season quickly approaching and warmer weather inspiring evenings to early mornings, we’ve detailed nine ways Uorda will forever improve your next date night and relinquish you from those completely relatable nerves:

The 9 Ways Uorda will improve your dating life

  1. You no longer need to engage in an awkward stare off with another table’s meal: Gone are the days of ‘excuse me, what did you order there.’ Uorda gifts us with the restaurant’s entire digital menu with high quality, supportive imagery.

  2. Your modern millennial diet requirements will flourish: You no longer need to embarrass yourself by trying to explain to the waiter what gluten is, or why you’re vegan. Choose from a digital menu without the burden of explaining yourself.

  3. No need to break conversation: Yourself and your date can order at the same time, without leaving your chair.

  4. No need to have the whole restaurant know your business: Everyone’s experienced that last-minute payment chat at the counter, which makes it abundantly clear you’re on a first date. If your date would like to pay, meals can be ordered from one phone, in one transaction. Nothing to see here.

  5. You CAN however, split the bill: If you’re happy to order individually, payment can be made with the simple input of your own card details.

  6. Your date can’t escape while you order, or while you pay: Ordering and payment can officially be made in the comfort of your own seat, with a watchful eye.

  7. Order as much as you like without any judgement: ‘No I’m not finished, and yes – I will have all the sides.’ We are gifted with a way to truly order as much as we like without the raised eyebrows of the waiter.

  8. Food envy is no longer a thing: With colourful imagery, we officially know what we’re getting, and what it will look like. If you’re one of those where the taste is in the presentation, Uorda is a life saver.

  9. You can just keep ordering: If your second drink is looking a little on the half empty side, waste no time and start on the second.

Author: Kimberley Toovey



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